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flowersThe neighborhood meeting on Jan. 26 will include two breakout sessions to brainstorm ideas for a couple issues facing Holly Hills. The first group will discuss ideas for planting and maintaining the flower beds and pots, now that Tim Bolt has moved out of the neighborhood. The second group will discuss the neighborhood social media site Nextdoor.

“It’s really amazing everything that Tim Bolt did to beautify our neighborhood and we will certainly miss him,” said HHIA President Stacy Ross. “The unfortunate part is that the board and I cannot see a way to maintain this extensive network of more than 200 beds and pots now that Tim has moved. We would like to come up with a way to keep at least some of the beds and pots, but we need the neighborhood to help us with come up with a workable solution.”

Next DoorRegarding Nextdoor, some neighbors have expressed concern over the tenor of discussions on the site that was originally marketed by its San Francisco based developers as a way to “talk to your neighbor over the backyard fence” in the age of social media.

The breakout session will seek to discern “what the general consensus is in our neighborhood regarding comments and
opinions that are helpful or just downright insulting and sarcastic,” said Holly Hills Nextdoor neighborhood moderator Trish Richardson Turek. She will lead the Nextdoor session.

Everyone’s participation is important in making these decisions Ross said. It may be tough to leave the comfort of a warm home on a chilly January evening to attend a neighborhood meeting, but the issues are more important than they may seem.

 “The board and I want these decisions to reflect the wishes of neighborhood,” Ross said. “The decisions we make will help determine how our neighborhood looks and the civility of our conversations with each other, at least in the context of Nextdoor. We are really talking about what kind of a neighborhood we want Holly Hills to be. ”

Please join us for this important discussion.