We all want our neighborhoods to be as safe as possible for our families and our fellow neighbors.  In Holly Hills we strive to provide different ways for residents to get involved.  We want to ensure that you have options that you are comfortable with to help reduce crime and combat quality of life issues.


Holly Hills has been involved with the NOM (Neighborhood Ownership Model) for several years.  The NOM is a citizen-led program that partners residents, the Circuit Attorney’s Office, and the Police Dept.  There are three components to the NOM:  Court Advocacy, Citizens on Patrol, and Victim Support.

For more info on Holly Hills’ involvement in the NOM, click here.


Did you know that the Holly Hills neighborhood has a police officer assigned to our neighborhood to serve as a liaison between the Police Dept and our Community?  Officer Steven Wilson has served for many years as our community liaison police officer with distinction, keeping residents informed on crime trends in the area, assisting us with resolving quality of life issues around the neighborhood, and providing a direct voice for residents to the First District.  For more info on this program, please click here.


The Rat Patrol is an effort by several Holly Hills residents to coordinate citizen-led patrol watches around the neighborhood.  These patrols are intended to observe suspicious behavior and report that behavior to the police.

For more info or to volunteer for the Rat Patrol, click here.


The “Cops Walking a Beat” initiative is a new program started by a concerned Holly Hills resident to begin additional police patrols in Holly Hills.  In addition to our regular police presence, two additional police officers have been hired through Campbell Security and have been walking the beat in a section of Holly Hills four days a week.  This program needs additional support to sustain the effort.

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