Holly Hills Green Space Initiative

We have many great neighbor volunteers

The Holly Hills Green Space Committee (HHGSC), coordinated volunteer Saturdays in July, August and this month of September. Turnout was very low with only a couple of residents showing up to help with major naturalization projects, so our timeline for removing invasive honeysuckle, volunteer mulberry trees and weeds has been delayed. On the bright note, we should finish some bed naturalization projects on Federer Place before fall.

HHGSC is coordinating with the Parks Department on the removal of the defunct planter pots placed around the neighborhood. We hope to start the removal of the very large and heavy pots this fall. The majority of the pots is broken and will be recycled while a few have been adopted by residents and businesses who have taken on the planting and maintenance duties. A round of thanks to them!

We have many great neighbor volunteers! Many adopted beds look fantastic (special kudos to the residents of BelleĀ­rive!) In the coming remaining weeks before cold weather,we hope to schedule weeknight events and perhapsĀ and perhaps one more Saturday even, so watch your email! If you wish to get on the email list, wish to adopt a remaining bed, get plant ideas or request mulch for a public area, contact the committee at:


Important note: the Parks Department does not have vacuum equipment or sweepers to remove leaves from the boulevards, so please blow/sweep all leaves to residential curbs for pickup, not those of the bouelvards or other green spaces witin the neighborhood. Leaves in the boulevard will sit,kill the grass and encourage weeds.

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