Feedback the Bees​

Feedback the Bees
A sign in Holly Hills from July 2016.

Feedback the Bees

Follow up on the bee study. We have some very neat things happening right in our back yards.

In March of 2016 we published Bee Study Coming To Holly Hills

A healthy bee population and the pollination service they provide are critical for our food security. Scientists are concerned as they see bee populations decline. Holly Hills has been chosen as one of two areas for a study being conducted on the impacts of urban landscape on the presence and health of bees.

Feedback the Bees
Sustainability Science Lab Website

Researchers at SLU are looking for15 sites within each of the chosen neighborhoods. If you or anyone you know would like your yard or garden to be part of this research please contact Hannah Ehrlich at

A thriving tree bee hive in Carondelet Park from the Summer of 2016
A thriving tree bee hive in Carondelet Park from the Summer of 2016.
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Still want to learn more? Watch this video.

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