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Holly Hills Special Business District

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๐Ÿ™‹ Holly Hills SBD Frequently Asked Questions

From surveys and community meetings, Holly Hills residents have stated that they would like to see the following:

* Overnight patrols from at least 10pm-6:00am making sure that every street is patrolled and helping to make sure cars arenโ€™t broken into and homes and garages donโ€™t have property stolen from them.

* Maintaining all 2-miles of medians in Holly Hills ensuring they are landscaped and the grass is mowed once a week.

* Getting vehicles to slow down and protecting pedestrians. Painting and highlighting crosswalks whenever appropriate. Working with the City to install speed humps on streets and alleys where necessary.

* Installing gates on the 6 vehicular entrances and exits to Carondelet Park to ensure the park is secured each night, which will deter drag racing, vandalism, and any other criminal activity in the park.

* Have a mobile security camera(s) that can be moved to areas of the neighborhood experiencing issues.

* Install appropriate Holly Hills entrance signage and banners.

What Is A Special Business District?

A special business district (SBD) provides funding for neighborhood improvement projects and services.

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