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Holly Hills Special Business District

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Holly Hills Special Business District (LARGER IMAGE)

🙋 Holly Hills SBD Frequently Asked Questions

From surveys and community meetings, Holly Hills residents have stated that they would like to see the following:

* Overnight patrols from at least 10pm-6:00am making sure that every street is patrolled and helping to make sure cars aren’t broken into and homes and garages don’t have property stolen from them.

* Maintaining all 2-miles of medians in Holly Hills ensuring they are landscaped and the grass is mowed once a week.

* Getting vehicles to slow down and protecting pedestrians. Painting and highlighting crosswalks whenever appropriate. Working with the City to install speed humps on streets and alleys where necessary.

* Installing gates on the 6 vehicular entrances and exits to Carondelet Park to ensure the park is secured each night, which will deter drag racing, vandalism, and any other criminal activity in the park.

* Have a mobile security camera(s) that can be moved to areas of the neighborhood experiencing issues.

* Install appropriate Holly Hills entrance signage and banners.

What Is A Special Business District?

A special business district (SBD) provides funding for neighborhood improvement projects and services.

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📝 Holly Hills SBD Rate for Each Property

Judge puts Holly Hills tax district proposal on Aug. 2 St. Louis ballot

Carondelet Park neighbors weigh taxing district for park maintenance, security

Letter From The President – May 2016

Beautiful landscaping in front of home on Holly Hills Boulevard.

Letter From the President

Yes, Holly Hills is a wonderful place to live. It’s all about family,
friends & community. I have only resided here about 18 years, but I
was pretty much a gypsy (moved around a lot) before I moved
here. Home definitively gives you roots.

Some of you know me as your President of the Holly Hills Improvement Association. But just a gentle reminder, I volunteer and was elected because I truly care about families, friends, and my
neighbors here at Holly Hills. Spring is in the air, birds are chirping
and sometimes we just need a reminder to stop and smell the roses.

Speaking of flowers, hope to see you at the next HHIA meeting at
the Rec Plex on Monday, May 23 at 7:00 pm. Professor Damon Hall
of Saint Louis University will be speaking and presenting information about the upcoming Bee Study Program in the Holly Hills Community Garden and also interested residents who wish to participate in the study.

HHIA’s additional speaker will be Dan Skillman, City of Saint Louis
Parks Department, will be updating us of the ongoing projects in
Carondelet Park.

Don’t forget you can participate by helping keep Holly Hills and its
Boulevards natural beauty by volunteering designated Saturdays and Wednesdays. See “Upcoming Events” on the webpage and the Greenspace committee also posts the dates and locations on Nextdoor.

Hope to see all of you on Monday, May 23at 7:00 PM in the
“Respect Room” at the Carondelet Rec Plex.

– Anna Baldwin

Join Us

Holly Hills Green Space Initiative

We have many great neighbor volunteers

The Holly Hills Green Space Committee (HHGSC), coordinated volunteer Saturdays in July, August and this month of September. Turnout was very low with only a couple of residents showing up to help with major naturalization projects, so our timeline for removing invasive honeysuckle, volunteer mulberry trees and weeds has been delayed. On the bright note, we should finish some bed naturalization projects on Federer Place before fall.

HHGSC is coordinating with the Parks Department on the removal of the defunct planter pots placed around the neighborhood. We hope to start the removal of the very large and heavy pots this fall. The majority of the pots is broken and will be recycled while a few have been adopted by residents and businesses who have taken on the planting and maintenance duties. A round of thanks to them!

We have many great neighbor volunteers! Many adopted beds look fantastic (special kudos to the residents of Belle­rive!) In the coming remaining weeks before cold weather,we hope to schedule weeknight events and perhaps and perhaps one more Saturday even, so watch your email! If you wish to get on the email list, wish to adopt a remaining bed, get plant ideas or request mulch for a public area, contact the committee at:

Important note: the Parks Department does not have vacuum equipment or sweepers to remove leaves from the boulevards, so please blow/sweep all leaves to residential curbs for pickup, not those of the bouelvards or other green spaces witin the neighborhood. Leaves in the boulevard will sit,kill the grass and encourage weeds.

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Green Space Committee

We have many great neighbor volunteersIn the past two months, the Holly Hills Green Space Committee (HHGSC) has coordinated two volunteer events. The first, held April 18th, focused on naturalizing a bed on Leona and we started the process for several beds on the eastern end of Federer Place. The second, held May 16th, focused on moving mulch onto the beds at the ends of each boulevard at Federer and one bed on Holly Hills. We will coordinate additional events to focus on removing invasive honeysuckle, volunteer mulberry trees and weeds from affected beds. The process can be accelerated with volunteer turnout.

The spring rains have hampered the Parks Department’s plans to remove the defunct pots around the neighborhood. Once their grass cutting duties have slowed, we hope to start the removal of these very heavy pots. Most of the pots are broken and will be recycled; any survivors will be stored for future use as part of a new neighborhood landscaping plan.

We have many great neighbor volunteers. Some have adopted the beds and others help out when needed. If you wish to adopt a bed, get plant ideas or request mulch for a public area, please contact the committee at

~ Mechelle Minden

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Enhancements Coming To Carondelet Park

With maintenance work and upgrades on the Boathouse currently underway, several additional improvements will be coming to Carondelet Park over the next year. Birds returning from their winter vacations next year should be able to relax in their very own bird habitat in spring 2016. The long-discussed habitat incorporating the old bear pit is in the design stage with requests for bids sought by mid-summer and construction to begin in the fall. The $80,000 project will include walking paths, benches, bird-friendly native plants and interpretive signage.

In addition, three “monument” entrance signs will be erected at the southeast, southwest and northeast corners of the park. Two more new types of signs, similar to those in Forest Park, will help orient visitors within the park. Destination signs will identify areas such as the Lyle House, the Boathouse and the Rec Plex, while vehicular signs will direct cars to these destinations as well as Horseshoe Lake, the playground, the mulch/recycling area and others. Improvements currently underway at the Boathouse include upgrading the dock, restoring the restrooms and making them ADA accessible. The cost of the projects will be covered by proceeds from a parks bond issue approved by the Board of Aldermen and the mayor in 2011.

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