Cops Walking a Beat

On Friday, Nov. 25th off-duty police officers began walking a beat  around the Holly Hills neighborhood.  The officers were privately funded by two concerned residents for a pilot period of two months.  The officers are actively walking the streets and alleys, walking in a pair four days per week for four hour shifts at various times throughout the day and night.  This initiative has been dubbed “Cops   Walking a Beat” and in an effort to sustain this program Holly Hills resident Steve Butz is asking residents to voluntarily donate $20 per month to keep this effort going.  The current footprint of these patrols is Carondelet Park to the south, Leona to the west, Bates to the north, and Arendes to the east.  The goal of the program is to garner commitment from 500 households at which time the footprint will be expanded to Loughborough to the south, MorganFord to the west, Bates to the north, and South Grand to the east.  For more info on the “Cops Walking a Beat” program please click here to contact Steve Butz.

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